You Know You Want Me…

I take a gulp of calorie free air
To stave off the craving I’m trying to brake
But I just can’t cope for goodness sake!
It’s not that the bunch of grapes are bad
Save it’s just not the thing to make me glad
So I’ll not lend an ear to its call
I’ll not let my gut be my downfall
I’ll not waiver from my niche
I’ll not satisfy this itch
Though it’s call is to me is proud
I’ll not give in it’s not allowed
“Just a thread of a piece” the call starts to quiver
No! No! No! Oh all right! Just a tiiiiiiiny sliver!
Knowing straight to my hips is where it’s bound
It’s a slippery slide from a diet to a pound
Oh why did that rhubarb, to me, start to talk?!
Guiltily home, with my whole pie, I walk

…because I’m in a silly mood

dVerse ~ Poets Pub | OpenLinkNight Week 132

5 thoughts on “You Know You Want Me…

  1. Air indeed is calorie-free. Good to gulp as much of that air as possible. Grapes are definitely better than rhubarb (pie); but oh, how I LOVE rhubarb pie!! Despite the guilt.

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