That Which Is Called…

What’s in a name? Shakespeare asks.

Clearly he was never subjected to the abject cruelty of schoolyard children to the poor child whose mama got a little thoughtless in the naming department. I’m also guessing one simply did not use a diminutive in those days. At least not one associated with male anatomy, right William?


Another go at Flash Fiction, also called sudden fiction, micro fiction or nanofiction via Friday 55.
Write a story in exactly 55 words, then tell the G-Man!

2 thoughts on “That Which Is Called…

  1. You know a kid named elbow?
    I kid, I Kid….:-)
    Kill all the Lawyers!
    Nicely written little story My Friend
    Loved your Elizabethian 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week End

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