4 comments on “What’s Yours?

  1. Oh, there are many, for different reasons. One in the same vein as this would be Coldplay’s Fix You, which for some time after leaving NYC would make me sob every time I heard it, bringing my ex strongly to mind. Still makes me misty. And Sibelius’ Valse Triste gets me every time too, but that is simply from the power of the vignette it was applied to- in an odd little knockoff of Fantasia called Allegro Non Troppo in which each story line is dark, rather than Disney. Watch it if you can find it, but you might want to fast forward through the live skits between each piece. There’s another story about evolution set to Ravel’s Bolero with an especially acid twist, too. I normally decry the repetition in that song (a la Pachelbel’s Canon in D), but it is perfect here.

    • I totally understand Q. Different songs evoke different moods. On the flip side of the above, it is near impossible for me to hear the B52’s “Love Shack” and not want to at the very least nod my head to it. If I have Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” on repeat I am generally trying very hard to not obey the refrain of that song.

      • Did I ever play Robey’s Paris, Paree for you? You would remember if I did. Hobbit be trippin’ on that.

  2. The Rose by Bette Midler… I’m a sucker for ballads and this is one of the tops for me… It pulls me in… “Love it is a flower and you the only seed.” Dang.

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