21 comments on “Come my Maestro

  1. The attraction to this poem for me is that I play a violin–all my life–and in circles of Peep who don’t know, I’ve been erroneously named Maestro. Glad I dropped by for a FUN READ, which flowed well and used words I understand only too well. All as happily expected

    Just how brief was that intermission? (Smiles!)

  2. oo la la…i like this much…the blend of music and sensuality…it is beautiful…and in the hands of one that knows how to play…beautiful music can be made…smiles.

  3. I love the intertwining of music and lovemaking ~ In the hands of a maestro, one can play and produce beautiful notes ~

  4. Woooooooooooow

    “We rise and fall
    In rhythm
    To the movements
    Of your baton
    Until the final note
    Dies away
    Deep within”

    This poem masterfully blends the music and the lovemaking….. man …. all I can say is I am Passion and I endorse this poem! EXCELLENTLY written ❤

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