3 comments on “Daily Prompt: Second Time Around

  1. i remember that Piers Anthony series. Was always impressed as to how each story was so completely woven against the others, even though they were released over the span of year. Figured he must’ve taken quite a bit of time to outline the whole timeline first before putting pen to paper for the first novel.

    • I will certainly agree with this on the first seven books. The familial characters and timelines were certainly well thought out in advance. All seven were published within a seven year span. Seven years, seven books, seven days in a week? Hmmm.

      I also believe he meant to conclude the series with those initial seven. I think Piers pressure, pun fully intended in honor of Mr. Anthony, among other incentives had him write “Under a Velvet Cloak” a good 10+ years after “And Eternity”. A good story in its own right, it is the weakest story of the eight, in my opinion.

      • 7 hot dogs in a pack? …
        I didn’t know that the 8th book was part of the same thread (pun unintended). I had probably moved past looking for his name amongst the offerings at Borders by that point in time. Good to know I hadn’t missed much.

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