6 comments on “Happy Birthday Willie Shakes

  1. I’ll bet anything you thought “Wherefore are thou Romeo?” meant “Where are you, Romeo?”, as I did. Shakespeare has definitely permeated into so many aspects of our lives. Due to the language simiilarity (The King James Bible was published while Shakespeare was still alive), I generally assume that any quote that sounds like the Bible, but isn’t, is probably from Shakespeare. He also made it into one of the best Twilight Zone episodes… http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0734630/

  2. Didn’t we all as youngsters when first introduced to the flowery language? See what I mean about history? How many people would know the King James Bible was published around Shakespeare’s time? So if it wasn’t said by God it was said by Will? I kid! I kid!

    I vaguely recall that Twilight Zone episode you speak of.

    • I’ll concede you have some vintage, but unless you’re a secret Methuselah, I suspect being of a school age with playwright William Shakespeare is not one of them. Don’t tell me you actually know someone named William Shakes? LOL!

  3. I love this – it’s a great tribute to whom that influences the power of the language from then till now. Awesome piece!

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