And I Tell No One

I carry inside
The family pains
The broken relationships
The broken friendships
The broken dreams
How I try do right
Even during the times
When I can do nothing
It is with me always

And I tell no one

I carry inside
The lump in my throat so sore
I scream on the inside
To choke down in fear
Of the love I’ve learned
To never take for granted
For it is far too fleeting
Even while wishing
It will come once more
Even if only to be lost again
It is with me always

And I tell no one

I carry inside
This beating heart
That overflows
With the strains
The understanding
That I’ve been dying
Since the day I was born
And the only thing
That can be done about it
Is to take it to its conclusion
It is with me always

And I tell no one

And I carry inside
A fervent desire
To hurry that conclusion
It is with me always

And I tell no one


Today at dVerse we are asked to “confess” via poetry.

And before anyone panics, the above is taken from an old journal entry. Yes, I’ve had some bad days in the past that I pray are not a part of my future, however,  I promise all of you I am fine.

dVerse  ~ Poets Pub | Poetic Confessions


39 thoughts on “And I Tell No One

    • No one more glad than I, Robyn. 🙂 Footnotes are very important in writes like these. My cell phone may have collapsed under the strain of people calling and texting if I had not. Thanks.

  1. Its amazing what baggage we carry around with us and tell no one about any of it. My head doc told me to write and by writing, I make sense of it, when I make sense of it, I am able to share it, when I share it, its no longer baggage.
    Thanks for sharing, I hope you offloaded a little baggage as well.

  2. I think there are times when we all feel like that, when the stress and the pain become more than we can bear. Then we have the choice to stand a little taller and get on with life or to give in and give up. Thank goodness we almost always get on with our lives and hopefully learn from what we have just gone through.

    I really enjoyed the footnote at the end. It made me feel so much better and hopeful for you. I guess we all really do need to learn how to make lemonade with what life throws at us.

    Thank you for sharing such a secret that I am sure was difficult to do but I also hope you know that you are not alone in feeling this way. It is a good secret to give away. Happy Theme Thursday and may your week be filled with many wonderful blessings of joy.

    God bless.

  3. honest.
    not an easy thing to admit as well…but i think on some level we have all felt it…
    the despair that i feel in your words…and wondered what might help…or to help it along…

    • When I found this in my journal I was compelled to write it. I wanted any one who may be going through it, and not telling. to know that they are not alone in feeling this way and hopefully knowing they are not alone will please tell someone. Thanks C.C.

  4. You have described well some of the burdens one can bear. We never know when we meet someone on the surface what all they are dealing with inside. And, I am one who is also glad you are doing fine now!

    • You can rarely tell which smile is the one holding back the tears and you may be the difference that turns the tide to a true smile again. Thank you Mary.

  5. And the repetition, I tell no one….how that strikes a chord! I think all of us have these times of pain or sorrow or being lost. We tell no one and just carry on. And yes, we reach that point where it is behind us and we are “fine”, in truth. Glad you are fine now. And it is good when the bad times hit to remember, I will be fine again. Excellent and honest write.

    • All I can say is if you bottle it too long it will either explode or implode. Neither is a good option and I’m sure you know that by now. Thank you Anthony for the introspective prompt.

  6. Tell someone – please. The repetition of “And I tell no one” really makes this compelling. Ironic how so many people live keeping stuff like this to themselves, feeling so alone.

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