Do You Hear Me…?

Do you hear me?


I can arrive in a blinding streak of light
A reverberation of considerable noise
Sometimes I’m just a hiss in the night
A susurrus lodged against the equipoise

Do you hear me?

I come to life with anticipation
Sometimes the rose, sometimes the thorn
I can die under the weight of trepidation
And thus never will I be born


Both wise and foolish in my own way
I am one and all of the muses and sages
A nocturnal refuge in the bustle of day
The launch and conclusion of many ages

Do you hear me?

I am the road less traveled or forged ahead
Choose wise and I can further your niche
But choose wrong or not at all instead
Then I can simply be a… stitch


A unit of immeasurable gauges
A mystery of infinite possibility
The door through all of life stages
I am the knock of opportunity


Do you hear me?


Hyde Park Poets Rally –  Week 77

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