At All

I go through the motions, put a smile on my face
Oh I’m just fine to those who call
Only one could pull me from this dark space
But you’re gone,
So I don’t care at all

Every time I think I’m doing better
The pain holds me in tighter thrall
And I know you’d hate that I’m like this
But you’re gone,
And I don’t care at all

I know I should be better off than I am
But I also know I just don’t give a damn

When it’s all about “Tis the season”
I still hang garland from doors and walls
I once loved the holidays without reason
But you’re gone,
So I don’t care at all

El Sol churns out yet another day,
The flowers bloom, then leaves fall
Luna glows oh so marvelous they say
But you’re gone,
And I don’t care at all

dVerse ~ Poets Pub | OpenLinkNight – Week 76 – Holiday Edition

4 thoughts on “At All

  1. this sings…put it to music and it would sell…really well worked…nice refrain, felt as well…its real…and that is cool…smiles…its hard at the holidays too as those empty chairs are so easy to see.

  2. This is something most people can relate to, or at least can remember having related to at one point or another. Very good poem.

  3. I wish I could say this was one of those writes that was the imagination of my muse, but sometimes, as Brian aptly noted, the missing chair is very much in view.

    Happy New Year, Brian, Jasmine, Charles thank you.

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