14 comments on “A Writer Who Can’t Find the Words

  1. a rather scary thing for me when i can not find the words….i would hope my writing voice never to be silent or something to happen that would cause that…smiles. i think my sould might get a little desperate as well..

  2. The empty page, the intimidation of the blankness, the silence, the gibberish instead of speech..I know them all and fight that block every week. Only with persistence can I move that block and find my voice. Here so beautifully using that form that brings mercy, you wrote your block away. Kudos!

  3. I love your opening line. Sometimes the first line of a write will pop into my mind and the rest will unfold. Seemingly as yours did here…beautifully, within the form.

  4. I often think the last thing I wrote was truly the last thing I’d ever write. But the words. They always seems to line up and settle down.

  5. One would think with the literal hundreds of poems I’ve penned these past few years I’d satisfied with my lot, but as my fellow wordsmiths can attest there’s always more to be said.

    My many thank you all.and may all our quills and parchments remain ever full.

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