13 comments on “Remember Prayer

  1. It causes me to recall the way I felt 30 years ago when I truly believed this. It was a great feeling, and I actually had myself baptized back in 1980. Unfortunately, as life progressed, I gradually lost the feeling and the belief.

    • Interesting, most people tend to (re)find faith as they get older, even if it is something they don’t necessarily follow as they should. You’ve done the opposite.

  2. I like how you expanded the praise song and made it your own–that’s an exercise I should try some time. I think your usage of “liaise” as a noun is a bit distracting, and I was initially confused by “watchet”, but thank you for adding that word to my vocabulary–it’s always helpful to have another way to say something. Really enjoyed this 🙂

    • Thank you Wordcoaster!

      The “praise song” is from a beautiful 90’s R&B ballad by Freddy Jackson featuring Najee.
      I believe “liaison” is the noun you’re thinking of; liaise (what a liaison does) – is a verb. Prayer is the noun in the line referenced.
      I learned the word “watchet” years ago and like to toss it out now and again so I don’t forget it.

      Thanks again.

      • Haha, whoops–you did a wonderful job of taking the lyrics and making them into a praise song, then. I’ll have to listen to the original song. Prayer and liaise are both used as nouns in that line (just as if you said prayer is the key to a deeper relationship with God, “key” would be a noun as verbs never take on “the”) I’m fine with the usage of verbs as nouns–poets do a lot of tinkering with using parts of speech as other parts of speech. I just found it startling since you had been following normal grammatical rules up to that point. I’m sorry if I’m sounding pedantic–that’s the last thing I want this to be. I just really loved this poem and when I love a poem I tend to analyze it more. Have a wonderful day! 😀

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