Not This Morning

Dawn first deigns to call me
into the depths of yet another day
before I am ready to do so

I glance at the alarm clock animation
cheerfully chiming me into the day
but I shut it off with surliness

The coffee maker is already at work
as the second sentry to my rising
sending its call via olfactory orifice

My television, next in line of pretense
to claim its place in my morning
makes its presence known

Knowing the coffee will turn itself off
I reach and remotely silence the banalities
of the morning news broadcast

I lay there for moments more wondering,
how did my ancestors rise without the assistance
of such mundane mechanics

Surely more than the cock’s crow
or the edicts of early to bed, early to rise
were needed for timely awakenings.

Would they laugh most loudly at me,
the latest devotee of the daily grind,
unable do the same even with such help?

I wanted to rise, really, I wanted to,
but somehow the Blackberry magically
sends out a mental health day message

Perhaps tomorrow morning
will find me ready to rattle and roll
but no, not this morning

As clouds  roll in to dull the dawn
it is the bed that beckons loudest
for good old-fashioned slumber


dVerse Poets Pub | FormForAll – TRIVERSEN 

19 thoughts on “Not This Morning

  1. Brilliant. Each sentry: alarm, coffee, TV, shame, acceptance, mental-health message. I do believe our ancestors’ experience was pre-electricity, when sunset was truly the end to the day.

  2. I’m constantly amazed at the versatility of this form. You use it to good effect here in an early morning monologue/stream of consciousness. It plays well to meandering thought.There was a fair amount of assimilation and “sound play” throughout the piece and clearly brought in modern technology as you contrast waking to other eras. I think this was very successful. I enjoyed it!

  3. I really like what you did with the form, Raivenne. (I like the form, and will probably try my hand at it again.) It seems to bring out the easy side of floks, and in your case got you a day off! Nice!

  4. haha we need those mental health days for sure…and some more coffee for sure…and the news is the last thing i want to hear right out of bed….it def makes me want to take a mental health day…ha…

    • Oh, the occasional mental health day is a necessity indeed! More coffee is always in order for the mornings. Music makes me want to dance, which is a problem when trying to shower or get dressed. News is just white noise to me.

      Thanks Brian.

  5. The humor of this poem is enchanting, especially after you neatly set up the comparison:
    “I lay there for moments more wondering,
    how did my ancestors rise without the assistance
    of such mundane mechanics”
    . . . and not even the possibility of them laughing could pry this malingerer out of bed! Very neat.

  6. It is funny how when one finds themselves no longer working then one also finds themselves being able to no longer worrying about setting the alarm clock and can sleep in until one feels like getting up. But I think that I wish I was still working and had a great reason to get up each day. It is actually pretty boring to not be working anymore. Although I am also thankful that I do not have to be out there in the job market.

    I really do like the flow of the whole poem and how at the end you decided to take a one day vacation. And having just recently discovered that coffee is not so bad, then I can now understand how the smell affects coffee drinkers.

    Thank you for such a great poem to share with us for this weeks Theme Thursday “Beds” theme. It does make me want to crawl back into bed and sleep even more. Just love it.

    God bless.

  7. The part of me that gets up at 5AM Monday through Friday dreams of the day when I will no longer have to do so. Welcome to world of coffee! I off to have a cup now.

    Thanks Mrsupole.

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