3 comments on “Of No Account

  1. I basically boycott sites that do that. Hate it. But I did once look to see how close the nearest Meijer was to me, as they’d been recommended. They use the method that makes you enter a zip before they’ll even tell you anything, instead of just a map, and sign up. I did, and reinforced my own resolve to not do so again. They’re nowhere near me, but you can’t unsubscribe- you get a dead link. I wrote to their customer service, twice- no response. I get daily emails, sometimes more than that. I could scream. I wouldn’t shop there now if they were next door.

  2. Good article, Raivenne; and I agree with you. I do NOT sign up for a site, regardless of what it appears they may have to offer. I’m with Q; I hate this type of what I deem false advertising. And, like you, I don’t get it. Why do they want to get a bunch of people on their email list who aren’t interested, or, like me, you, and Q, are pissed off at them for being sneaky and deceitful??
    Raivenne… don’t git me started, girl!

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