Final Moments…


Part dreading, part anticipating.

I sit here in the final moments waiting.


So much time has passed, and yet not enough.
Did I do all I could? Am I now up to snuff?

Part dreading, part anticipating.


Jam packed to the gills, hardly slacking.
For all I’ve done in this time, I still feel a lacking.

I sit here in the final moments waiting.


The time before this moment once seemed so vast.
Felt I had forever before this would come to past.

Part dreading, part anticipating.


What pays the bills is not how I stay alive.
This globe-trotting heart of mine and this job don’t jibe.
First day back to work after a nice vacation.
I sigh and face the day with trepidation.

I sit here in the final moments waiting.


Because I go back to work in the morning…

dVerse Poets Pub | POETICS: Workin’ For It

10 thoughts on “Final Moments…

  1. Sad, I must return too. But in 4.5 days I will get a much needed break for the summer. I loved the tick tock of your poem. I seem to feel this way every sunday.

  2. The way you have written this is so so cool. You slowed down time….and I’ve been there…that kind of half awake/half asleep just before the alarm goes off…the feelings that work can create swimming around in the subconscious….sometimes it can become more monstrous than it is in reality…but a feeling we all face regardless. This poem is universal and will be understood by all of those having to earn a buck to survive…

  3. Thank you, POHAH! That is exactly what I was trying to convey. Trying to slow down the inevitable. Hell, my sitting here responding to this is a passive/aggressive delay of when I must walk out the door – hahaha.

  4. stinks…i def do not like the first day back from vacation….you get a good taste of that freedom and then reality comes in for a smack…smiles…nice structure, it def feels like those last minutes slipping away….

  5. I used to be terrible about this. I worked out of town–away from home–all week, every week, for nine+ years. I hated Mondays so much, I couldn’t enjoy Sundays. I’d spend at least the last half of every Sunday cussing Monday. I finally realized what I was doing, and started concentrating on enjoying ALL my days off, and waiting until I got up Monday morning to be pissed off at Monday.
    Great write, Raivenne! Just think of all the great stories you have to tell your working pals!

    • I’m happy to say I’m getting better at it. I enjoyed my Sunday. I only really started bitchin’ about it when I saw the dVerse prompt and realized I only had less than a couple of hours before it closed. In turn it reminded me I needed to get back into my night before work routine again. Reality smacks as Brian noted. Thanks as always Charles.

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