9 comments on “My Baby, He Loves Me…

  1. damn…this is so well concieved…and i totally want to hear it performed…haha…i could hear it belting out there in the end…but the trip through all the cities and the textures of each…so well done…top notch

  2. Hot stuff goin on over at your place! This is way sexy, taut, and very swingin. The passionate embrace fill out each line and I think the song has me playin banjo in my mind this morning. 🙂

  3. Ah Brian, I suspect that some serious volume and foot stomping would be involved to give last part the proper gravitas. 😉

    Chaz, I’ve got to say anything involving a banjo was the LAST thing on my mind.

    Bob, I bet more people would watch the Travel Channel if they did.

    Thank you gentlemen!

  4. *expletives deleted*

    This hey so *expletives deleted* good right…

    Trying hard not to spout off in my Bajan dialect …. u wouldn’t understand it if I said it far less typed it out …


    “So Good It Makes Me Weep For The Sexing That Never Sleeps”


    • Bajan.. Ya urt me bad, no be likes dat. Gwon try me.

      I gets when you’re counting by trees, you mean the numbers – not the flora – tru ting – lol. Besides, I want to see if I can suspend the analytical part of my brain enough to read between the phonetics :p

      I think I have enough *expletives* in that poem to cover the both of us – for an hour. 😉

      Tanks mon 😀


    de ting so rasole gud yuh site… like um bad! jeezonbread! I did jumpin up wid dat dey so. Mek me holla fuh murda! Cawbleh! Gurl yuh too hot wid yaself … dahs why I like yuh suh bad….


    • Oh great, you like my site so good and me so bad because I’m a grilled cheese sandwich that you’d jump up and commit homicide? Just kidding!!!!! I tease!!!! I tease!!!!

      You got me with “cawbleh” what the hell is that? LMAO!

      • LOL Cawbleh & rasole are Bajan cusswords hehe Geezonbread is also an exclamation of either surprise or delight … not really about eating a cheese sandwich ROFL

        No homicide involved ROFL

        It is so damn good…. 🙂 real ting 😀

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