22 comments on “Midnight Flute

  1. This reminds me of my own times, late at night practicing the flute. The night lends power to music that can’t be felt in daylight. Enjoyed it tremendously.

  2. Good Grief!
    Once I got on, following the rhythm of your words, I just started rolling and got sucked right into the melody that faded away into remembrance (haunting).

  3. Really really strong write- there’s something about that music that drifts into our heads in those early hours- this was haunting, all of the monstrous noise from the past, all the anxieties and questions that build up and up into a crescendo….only for when you wake up…they become as small and distant as that empty street – very creative, clever, lyrical and I loved it

    • Thank you so much for comments, POHAH. This some how wound up in my Spam and I am so glad I found it before cleaning out the folder.

  4. nice…there’s a great flow to this and def. captures a magical and haunting moment with the midnight flute starting to play, bringing back all kind of memories and emotions..

  5. wow…def well done…and haunting yourself, this was a fresh use of the sound for me though familiar as well…it def sets the tone of the moment…wicked flow to this as well…

    • Aw Brian, sometimes your comments do make me feel as though I may actually have something of a grasp on this poetry thing. Thank you.

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