And I’m Off…

By this time last year, I had attended the first five of far too many funerals. By years end I had officially dubbed 2011 as The Year of the Departed. I am happy to say 2012 bodes far better for me as I now dub it The Year of The Travels. January found me visiting Boston and Philadelphia. In February it was Richmond, Virginia. April will find me spending some time in New Jersey and May will see me cross an ocean to visit Paris.

I sit here now having checked all my jots and tittles yet again as I prepare to head to San Diego tomorrow (betcha thought I forgot about March didn’t you?), I’m already plotting to see how long I can keep this streak going.

Stay tuned…


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SOL - Slice of Life March Challenge 2012

8 thoughts on “And I’m Off…

    • I know! When I realized my schedule I was taken aback. If you had said so much as six months ago this is how I would begin 2012 I would snorted in derision. I’m enjoying the ride while it lasts.

  1. Hah! A Raivenne and a Bajan? At an open mike? Together? Barbados cannot handle that much fierceness joining forces! Talk about tropical heat!!!! Now New York City, we know how to handle fierce! H-I-N-T lol

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