Can You Say Clueless…?

Taking a break to enjoy some of this lovely weather we’re having today and had a chance to enjoy the following:

Two women walking in opposite directions cross paths. One stops the other in her tracks.

Young Woman 1: Wow, that’s a great tan! Were you on vacation, or use a salon?
Young Woman 2: Um… I’m black.
Young Woman 1: You totally are! So, was it like, Jamaica or something?
Young Woman 2: (Looks at Young Woman 1 with an expression that clearly screams “ARE YOU EFFING STUPID!” before stepping around her and keeps walking.)
Young Woman 1 (sees me trying not to giggle): What?

I turned and walked, away shaking my head. I swear, sometimes I love my city, for no other reasons than random moments just like this.


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SOL - Slice of Life March Challenge 2012


4 thoughts on “Can You Say Clueless…?

  1. Raivenne – this is hysterical! I love moments like this. Have you ever seen the “Why Teachers Drink” website? Lots of moments like the one you described except they happen in the classroom. I love your sense of humor!

  2. I wonder what would have happened had woman #2 been Bill Cosby instead. Some time ago, he did a commercial for one of the well-known suntan lotions, capitalizing on the fact that he’s black.

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