Your soft body curves
The arch of the moon

A graceful concave
to my own convex

The look in your eyes
Pure rapture
Echoes my own heat

Movement lithe, supple
This act of passion

We give and we take

All too soon our dance
But the heat remains

As the curtain vales
The applause
Is quite thunderous

Almost shyly, we
Take our poses, bow

To them our ballet
Just an act
Brilliant performance

Limpid yet breathless
You and I
Oh! We know better

You know me and poetry forms. This form is called a Lune. A Lune (named as each stanza somewhat resembles a crescent moon), is a 13-syllable poem written in 3 lines containing 5-3-5 syllables respectively, and not restricted by Japanese haiku traditions.

Any subject, any amount of three line verses, any thought, is fair game

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dVerse ~ Poets Pub | Open Link Night – Week 34

5 thoughts on “Bravissimo

  1. Ballet as none of the great composers could have dreamed of it, although I’m sure Freud thought that ballet was sublimated sex. Beautiful!

    • Thanks Brian. Grammatically you are correct Brian, but this was written in the Lune form. I needed that third syllable, gosh darnit! 🙂 I forgot to include the notes on the poetic form before I posted; the notation is now included.

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