Longing For The Feel Of Spring

Crocus buds in snow

I’m longing for the feel of spring;
The walls are closing on this room.
The fresh snowfall does not joy bring;
I want flowers in blush of bloom.

Oh, morning bluebird please come sing,
and chase away the winter gloom.
I’m longing for the feel of spring;
The walls are closing on this room.

As the phoenix’s prayer doth cling,
Of rising from the ashes womb;
I long to escape from this tomb.
Oh, just a glimpse one green thing!
I’m longing for the feel of spring.

Entered in

Poetry Picnic Week 22:
Spring, Colors, Trees, and New Lives

8 thoughts on “Longing For The Feel Of Spring

  1. Beautiful, Raivenne! I’m not feeling that longing as much this year as I normally do. We had such a brutally hot and dry summer, I am actually enjoying the cool, wet winter. Of course, our winters here are nothing like what you probably have to deal with. It might freeze here a handful of times in January and Fbruary, but by March it’s over with. In fact, it 74 here today; walked the dog in my shorts and t-shirt this afternoon. Big smile!


  2. Beautiful, Rai. I’m glad at least that so far we haven’t had a really bad winter. (makes gesture three times to dispel evil eye!)

  3. A good poem that’s for sure! … I so agree with you… but I had this moment last week… I took my camera out into the woods after a winter storms swept through and I was in awe of the beauty.. .but now… NOW I am ready for spring:)


  4. NYC is actually having a pretty mild winter so far; especially in comparison to this time last year. * crosses fingers it continues that way * Glad you have all enjoyed my sribblings.

    Much thanks,

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