You stand before me like
We’ve never been here before
Can’t claim innocence
For we know the score
Go until we’re sore
From ecstasy rife,
Then let the dawn bring sorrow
Or a chance for another tomorrow
Come, your heart wields the knife,
To which I would gladly give my life


Do you really want to know
Where my mind has been?
Could you handle the truth
Of the amount of sin
Held so deep within?
To make an angel of Lady Macbeth.
Such twisted thoughts alight
Our twisted bodies in the night
Come for just a little death
I want to taste you on my breath


I didn’t ask for this ride
But oh I do enjoy the rush
Of going from zero the there
At the thought of your body’s crush
Writhing in my pulsing plush
Come, I am a junkie, you are my cocaine
You know how badly I want to mire
Wallow, drown, in the throes of your desire
Come, I’d gladly give my soul’s domain
To be under the heat of your reign


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