The subway commute is always an awkward ride
More than an hour of standing with the sweating masses
Somehow managing to remain looking dignified
When buffeted about by strangers’ asses

It’s near winter but the air-conditioning is set to Siberia
And several passengers seem on the verge of hysteria

I risk serious hearing loss by trying to drown out the inane
Cacophony of various mindless teenage chatter
I’d read, but my weary eyes just won’t bear the strain
And a snooze is impossible amid the jostling and clatter

The smell of food on the subway making my stomach rumble
The leftover stench from a derelict rider causing a grumble

Granted, it’s always better when I can find a seat
Unless I relinquish it to someone pregnant or older
And sometimes, I wish I had stayed on my feet
When a strange sleepy head leans on my shoulder

But right now I’m good though the train is again stuck
For I’m conversing with a stranger who is cute as all fuck

22 thoughts on “Commute

  1. Love that surprise ending. The e-mail I received ended with the word “trying”. I was expecting it to be rhymed with “babies crying”. About the only things missing are the bikes, baby carriages and students (male and female) who are “pregnant on their backs”, that is, totin’ back-packs. Great!

  2. I’m doin the LOL thang! Damn, that last line came from nowhere and put a grin on my old chops that wants to stay awhile. You know what, Raivenne…. WOW! Thanks, m’lady for the wonderful treat!
    By the way, the poem is not only funny, but excellently written!

  3. I sure as hell dont miss those rides to work every day. I chuckled my way through this, nodding my head in agreement. A sight for sore eyes I am sure 😉
    Ever seen Stranger on a Train? Beware who you talk to, the consequences could be murder!

  4. To my past and present fellow commuters, you know I barely scratched the surface of the regular shenanigans of such rides. To those who never had the pleasure of daily commuting via mass transit, for all its eccentricities it is still one of the best ways to get around in a metropolis.

    Glad I could bring you all into a piece of my world and have you leave with a smile.

    Much thanks.

  5. haha…love your close…i enjoy the subway…one of my favorite places to write as there is always so much to see and experience…hope you got a number…smiles.

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