Me Likey

Confession: Recently discovered guilty pleasure of mine?

You know that hollowed out spot just under the hip bone, but before the crease of where the leg meets the thigh, that defines the curve of the lower abdomen? I love that spot. It’s a visual erogenous zone for me especially on a male. We see it a lot on females because of bikinis and low-cut hip-hugger jeans and trousers, but it’s a hard find on the average male unless he’s a) shirtless and b) wearing his pants slung low or c) completely nude (don’t do it dude – also totally ignore the previous four words ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

I didn’t realize just how much I like that spot until an online friend posted a picture of himself and my eyes were immediately drawn there. Not his toned pecs, not his nicely muscled arms, not even the hint of “happy trail” all of which was very delectable eye candy indeed! No, my eyes were drawn to that spot just enough to be drool worthy over his pants line. And no, I most certainly am not sharing the picture here because he’d probably kill me!

In the case of that picture, the photographic angle was perfect. (To me) It looked like the deities themselves chiseled the perfect contours. It’s the duality of being a not quite public, but not quite private spot on the anatomy. Oddly enough, I prefer the visual tease of when they are clothed or half covered by a sheet/towel whatever. It always makes me want to have the pleasure of removing that obstacle from my view. It’s that last and final bit of modesty before, well — you know…

I’ve found myself looking for hints of that spot everywhere during the summer and enjoying it immensely when I do. Alas, autumn is on the horizon and all casual live shots will be gone until next spring. As to my friend who awakened this — thanks a lot for adding to my perv list dude as if I didn’t already have enough!

But for the next few weeks please excuse me while get my new-found perv on ๐Ÿ˜‰

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