3 comments on “Oh Hair We Go!

  1. I don’t even know if I qualify to speak on this subject, I find women beautiful whether they are sporting, locs, weaves, afro’s ceasers or simply bald. I think every person should prioritize according to what’s best for them. I wear locs and I wouldn’t want to sweat with them either, it cost too much to get them done and they itch like hell once I start sweating. The bad thing about that is that once they start itching they don’t stop, until washed.

  2. Hear! Hear! Just finished finger detangling, combing and braiding my hair for the night. Feeling nostalgic for the truly wash-n-go days of my super-short afro. Your post is right on time, my dear. I’ve been trying to figure out how to work dance classes back into my routine … without causing too much hair drama! And I am sicker than sick of people trying to tell me what should and shouldn’t be true about what I can or can’t do with my hair.

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