6 comments on “Here goes…

  1. I think my inability to write has been because of the shitstorm that’s been my life for a while and now I am literally hunkering down in a snow belt for a long winter—knowing for sure that I’m going to be socked in until February at least so this is the time for me to pick up that novel I’d been unable to move on with (keeping my fingers moving with a blog entry here and there, a tailor-made fairy tale or two) and now I have no excuse. So I wish you luck, although you don’t need it, I wish you a toasty cozy winter and plenty of creative juices and productivity. Cheers!!!

    • Thanks CP! I know the battle you’ve been fighting and I am so happy for you that it is indeed over. You’ve earned this peaceful time in spades and I equally wish you an abundance of creative fruitfulness. See you after “The End” . * raises glass *

  2. Actually, just writing and posting this is “something”. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to spark us, just putting something on paper–or screen, I guess it is theses days. I say we shouldn’t concern ourselves with what we haven’t done lately, but look forward with excited expectation to what we will do. Because, we will!
    I’m kicking around an idea for a new novel myself, and have noticed this NaNoWriMo thing in several bloggers posts. I might have to check it out. I mean, I have so much extrat ime on MY hands! hahaha
    Keep on keeping on, Raivenne!
    My latest! http://charleslmashburn.wordpress.com/2011/10/19/perfect-love/

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