NaPoWrMo — What If?

What if this fall of silence is as we portend?
Our cheetah lives left not much for the love
We tended to at such a slow caterpillar pace
That which was so fluid, has now grown stiff.

What if it’s lost in the daily push and shove?
Is it worth the time we give to this to exert?
The joy what time has washed away from us
These stolen moments with you do not replace

What if all that’s left is only that which can hurt?
And we’re too scared to escape this devil’s dance
For we haven’t given us a fair chance hence
For this to be the be all-end all of this litmus

What if this is our last and final chance?
Do we have what it takes to Loki’s face scoff?
When we choose to stare at separate walls
Than face each other in the quiet morning’s province

What if this love is a yarn of Cupid’s day off?
Can we just let it go – without a word?
Whose fault does it become it be then?
The nitty-gritty is do we fight or do we fall?

What if we’re at the crossroads of some lyrics I once heard?
‘Each new beginning is some other beginning’s end’
But what if it’s much too soon for all these “what ifs”
To spring to life as the keepsake “what could have been”

So? What do you think?

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