Even As

These stolen moments with you singe my lips
Even as I stand in the blaze of summer’s sweat
Even as I stand in the midst of winter’s onset
My need for you overrides my hardships
Caught in your haze, my resolve slips
As with each touch of you I love and regret
These stolen moments

Even as I know how your poison drips
Even as I know you’ll be my death yet
I stand here and light up another cigarette
I pray each day I’ll free of your grips
These stolen moments


 Thursdays Poets’ Rally Week 49
Thursdays Poets’ Rally Week 49 (July 28 – August 3, 2011)

13 thoughts on “Even As

  1. Not only do I LOVE your about bit (as you knew I would), but I love the piece… I’ve just quit (though I’m having a few this evening) so I so know what this is about… Not that it couldn’t hust as well be about a man, an illicit affair… Bravo!!! Bravo!!! *smile*

  2. Thingy – Luckily I know nothing of the addiction first hand, I have an empathic muse.
    Mashburn- Lucky indeed.
    MBWilliams – Don’t you dare!!!
    Champagne – Darn, you saw through my veil of misdirection, now put that ciggy down!
    Aaron – Some relationships (human or otherwise), are just toxic; I wish you strength.
    Recluse – I’m honored to have inspired (yet again? what did I miss?). I look forward to the read.

    Thank you all so much.

  3. I have never smoked, then again never nagged a smoker (unless I gave birth to it!) but I’m sure you’ve captured the essence of how it must feel. I also like the aged hand of the smoker in your pic and how the love affair continues. Me old dad pops to mind!!

  4. This is great, I definitely can relate to this poem. You really captured those mixed feelings of an addiction – the love/hate relationship that never gets resolved. Great work!

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