As some know, I like to try hand at various poetic forms from time-to-time.  Today’s form is called a Super-Tanka. Hmm, I should probably explain a regular size Tanka form first. *dons professor cap and clears throat*

The Tanka, an Asian poetic form very similar to haiku, is a single stanza, 5 line, non-rhyming poem, with a 5-7-5-7-7 syllable count pattern per stanza. Thus a Super-Tanka is two Tanka poems where each can stand alone on its on merit, but when put together side-by-side create a complete poem. The greater the subject difference of the individual Tankas from each other, compared to the whole, the better.

/poetry class

That’s what I asked for, cherries jubilee
Because that’s what I wanted, the taste of heated brandy
Wanted to taste it, sweetness set ablaze
Feel it’s texture on my tongue, a most unique concoction
As it slides slow down my throat, dripping with the sweetest cream


dVerse~ Poets Pub | Poetics– Foodloose

19 thoughts on “Dessert

  1. Oh, Raivenne. How much do you rock! First, thank you for the dedication … and then thank you for the challenge. But most of all, thank you for the most excellent poem!! When I first started reading your post, I was thinking “double tanka,” two stanzas, one tanka each. Not that that wouldn’t have been impressive, but this … whoa. “sweetness set ablaze, texture on my tongue … so gorgeous.

    Thank you!

  2. I could totally see how each stanza worked alone and then how when brought together there was just so much more. Oh the sweetness in the poem is amazingly making me want that dessert. I think I have had it once and it was so good. It is not really offered at the places I eat, probably not allowed at most of them due to the flames.

    Thanks so much for explaining to us about Tanka and a Super-Tanka.

    God bless..

  3. clever – and the sounds were fun.
    And the desert — delicious — thank you.
    I’d love to see you pull that off with contrary ideas — here they were the same.
    I am a novice — but I tried a similar thing with the nasty shield bugs that came out 2 weeks ago to your “super tantra” (thanx for the poetry lesson!).

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