Rain or Snow?

NYC snow and rain images.

Snow on brownstone steps / Puddle jumping in the rain

Question asked on Facebook:
Which do you like most Rain or Snow? And why?

As beautiful as fresh fallen snow is to look at, play in, ski-sled-snowboard through (and it really is beautiful) — shoveling that stuff later is a bitch, even with a snow blower. Depending upon location, enough snow can bring some cities/town to a grinding halt for days-weeks-months.  If you are a city dweller, it all turns into slush; which is just nasty (especially when it is yellow). Then, there is the wait while it melts and refreezes over night (and depending on the amount –repeats the process), causing dangerous driving and walking conditions. As it melts, it may cause floods, even days later. Not to mention, since it’s usually winter when it snows,  it tends to be – you know, c-c-c-cold.

Therefore, I say give me rain.

Give me:

  • A slow walk in warm spring rain.
  • The delight of a sudden sun-shower.
  • Forgetting you are an adult for a moment and jumping in a puddle.
  • Cuddling while watching a thunderstorm from the window (or the bed).
  • The sound of rain falling on a tin roof.

Even at its worst, even with flooding that may take days/weeks to clean, once it finally stops raining, it’s over.

So, what say you?

3 thoughts on “Rain or Snow?

  1. As a kid, snow was more fun than rain. Today I could well do without either. One thing you forgot to mention about snow: When they plow the streets they trap parked cars behind foot-high (or more) mountains of snow, and the cops may or may not allow cars to remain there until the snow melts.

  2. I’ve definitely got to throw my hat in with cold. As cold and uncomfortable as it can be, it still manages to spark a bit of childhood nostalgia, making me grin every time – no matter my mood. Plus, nothing is prettier than a red sky at night following a heavy snowfall. Of course, my opinion might be slightly coloured coming from Vancouver, where it rains 8 months of the year. It’s the reason everything there is so lush and green, but damn if the grey skies and soaking wet clothes don’t wear down your resolve after a while.

  3. I used to love snow when I didn’t have to shovel it or worry about driving to work and spinning out while hydroplaning. Now, I live in a snow-belt in the PA Poconos where the possibility of the white stuff runs from Sept-May. I’ve been depressively socked in for many days waiting out a storm and while snow blowers and the hired plow make life a bit easier, you don’t have to shovel rain. Bring on snow, then let rain wash it all away and that’d be perfect for me. All in all though..the first snow of the season, which for me was on Thanksgiving, will always be magical.

So? What do you think?

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