One comment on “This Is My December…

  1. For the first time in the two years after my sister died and my marriage essentially collapsed, I have felt the slightest tingle, jingle, what-have-you, of Christmas Spirit. Like you, my home used to resemble a Christmas village and was the centerpiece of our holiday dinners where everyone was invited. We wore those god-awful sweaters, drank egg-nog and ate gingerbread while watching the Grinch over and over and then I got sick. Lisa died and to deepen the blow, her birthday was Christmas Eve, and my husband and I were living together but no longer speaking.
    Lately however, I’m missing Christmas. The little snowflake gif your blog has going on tickles me, I’m sipping coffee laced with gingerbread flavored creamer and am about to go out and buy a real tree and wreath. I don’t know what it took to come around, to come alive again. To want to live and enjoy rather than simply exist but perhaps for the first time in a long time, this is my December too.
    Merry Christmas, Raivenne.

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