So Easily Entertained

Here’s what must be my shortest slice ever: me being oddly amused by the local flying frack enjoying breakfast.

I was minded of when my sons were toddlers picking up and tossing food with their hands. I looked very much like this. Now, here is a sentence that you won’t read every day…. the pigeon was cleaner.

It’s been a slow week – what can I tell you? Apparently nothing.

Let’s see how others are slicing it what left of this Tuesday…

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6 thoughts on “So Easily Entertained

  1. Here’s to slow summer weeks! Isn’t it nice to have time to enjoy such small things? I love how this scene brought back memories from when your children were young. Thanks for sharing!

  2. When I was still working, and even now that I am retired, those slow days are a welcome respite. The birds at our feeder throw seeds around the same way as they pick out the particular one they want. The rest get tossed to the ground for the other birds.

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