For The Last Time

*SIGH* I’m in a mood today…

It’s funny what things you remember

“I didn’t give you permission to go anywhere, young lady.” Me – 40 to a 71 year old. She left anyway.

“Don’t give me that look! If you don’t make it to fifty, whenever I catch up with you, I’m gonna make you SO sorry you married me!” He didn’t – jury is still out on whether I keep my end of the bargain – only time will tell.

“Man, I haven’t won a pot in two years. You fixing the scores or something. At least let a sista win a box or two, cuz! Or else!” Never won another pot or a box at least not in that specific football pool.

“Oh please! You better come to my birthday this year or I am not going to any of yours ever again!” As of last Saturday I know she won’t make it. The rest is now a given…

Because of the latest one I am remembering how I was just me, being me, leaving them laughing. Not knowing they would soon be leaving me, reminiscing on this earthly plane.

It is a silver lining. A faint silver lining. One feeling a little tarnished right now.

It’s funny what things you rememberit’s tragic what things you wish you could forget.

Let’s see how others are slicing it out this Tuesday…

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6 thoughts on “For The Last Time

  1. The last line- so much truth in that! Sometimes I have to consciously push what I want to forget to the side; sometimes that memory can bring me to my knees. Thank you for the snippets, leaving us to fill in the blanks.

  2. Agreed — the unspoken stories in between are what sparks my imagination. Great line to let the reader linger with.

    I have been thinking a lot about memory, too — and how trustworthy it is.

  3. Snippets that make up a life. Somehow, the things we wish we could forget seem to pop up at the most inopportune times. Thinking about things is one reason I have not posted today. Maybe your post will give me the push I need.

  4. Once I read the end, I went back and reread the whole post again with new eyes. Oh, the words that haunt us – each phrase, each exchange is lovingly meant, but that doesn’t erase the heartache. Thanks for this heart-tugging post.

  5. I’m reading this (like the other commenters, again and again) and maybe the fact that it was written on my birthday, on a day that holds both promise and sorrow…well, it has me feeling some sort of way.

    These exchanges. They’re so small. And yet. They’re everything as we sift through our memories.

    Thank you for this beautiful, moving, vulnerable post. ❤

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