Thug Life

The subway was being extra subway this morning and long story-short La Raivenne emerged like a phoenix from the bowels of the train some thirty minutes later than my usual. All in all, per usual in such situations, conversation -aka gripes about transit- was struck with fellow passengers and despite the annoying delay, it was a pleasant ride; I was in good spirits. We had a chuckle when I joked that I was going to tell the motorman to drive like he stole drug money and had both the Bloods and The Crips on his tail, “but safely for us riders, of course“. I was accused of being thug because I mentioned infamous West Coast gangs. I jokingly retorted with my classic “I’m crazy, not stupid“. I don’t know what young blood on the train might be affiliated with an East Coast gang, I wasn’t risking calling one out.

I may have been kidding about the motorman, but apparently the motorman was not because the train then hauled arse in attempt to get something akin to back on schedule. I was only a few minutes late by the clock when I reached my station. At this point I was in for a pence-in for a pound, so an additional few minutes to treat myself to my usual TGIF Starbucks was not going to make that big of a difference. Because I have ordering down to a science, I had already pull out my phone and placed my mobile order for Starbucks before I reached street level.

It’s Friday, I’ve got tunes from my iPod in one ear accompanying me and I’m striding along to my personal soundtrack. I see a gentlemen coming from the opposite direction and we nearly collide choosing to pass on the same side of a street lamp at the last second. I smoothly circle around, barely missing a beat with the music. I hear “Daaayum, g’won witcha thug strut now woman!” in a lyrical masculine Caribbean accent behind me and know it is the man I just passed who was apparently watching me.

It’s not the first time I’ve been told I walk like a thug. I walk hard. I strut. I know this. My sons even mock me on it. Now that spring has warmed up the temps a bit, my cold weather arthritis has eased, and I’m not labored down in heavy winter clothes, my normal catwalk stride was emerging again. I grin to myself, give a little wiggle in acknowledgement of having heard him, but I keep going not inviting further conversation, priorities, I’ve got coffee waiting.

At last I walk into Starbucks. I’m some forty-something minutes past the time I usually enter, so there are more people on shift behind the counter. Lina sees me enter and waves. “Hey Raivenne! I’ve got your food here, your drink is…”

Before she can finish a familiar locced head lifts from behind the espresso maker and I grin. I have not seen Jaymes but once since my return to office and that was back in autumn. We always had bad jokes for each other and it was as though no Covid time had passed seeing each other as we pick right up.

RAIVENNE! I thought you were dead!”

Because I am still plugged into my iPod, it was serendipitous timing that had me right at the chorus of a song, so I sing it. “You cannot kill what doesn’t die!”

Jaymes blinks at me as he finishes an order. I realize he is likely just over a third of my age. The song is not likely in his iTunes, but I am pretty sure he recognizes it. However another customer clearly knows it and picks right up behind me. “Live up to my promise, my full potential realized!”

As the guy and I high-five in musical comradery, I can see when Jaymes makes the connection. “Woman, I know you haven’t had your coffee yet because I’m making it! It’s barely eight in the morning; how are you thrashing to Anthrax?”

“What can I tell you Jaymes? It’s Friday: today, I choose violence.” I say ominously.

He laughs handing me my coffee.”If Death lives in your pocket, please keep him there.”

I grin at the reference to the song lyrics, I was right he did know the song. Still, while I leave murder to crows, I am a Raivenne.

I wink, take my coffee and turn to leave, “Jaymes, you’ve met me. You sure Death is a he?”

As I reach the door I hear the customer who had joined me in singing Anthrax say, “Damn she lit!”

“No, she’s thug!” Lina, who had been passing food orders to customers, laughs.

That’s three thug references to me within an hour’s span. I’m not choosing the thug life, the thug life is choosing me today.

We’ll see how the rest of the day thugs out …

Day 25 of 31 – Let’s see how others are slicing it out today…

15th Annual Slice of Life Writing Challenge

15th Annual Slice of Life Writing Challenge
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17 thoughts on “Thug Life

  1. Damn, this is gooooood! This is like a script and a novel and I was walking alongside watching the action and then Anthrax?! I know that I’ve said it before in the comments, but your writing is so engaging and I’m enriched reading it. Love this slice!

  2. I feel like this could be a scene in a movie! I love it. I always dream of being able to respond to people by quoting songs or movies, but I just don’t have a good memory for them. This is such a joyful morning slice.

    • Thanks, Lisa! Even without my trusty iPod, I have a constantly running soundtrack in my head. For me, the stress is NOT responding to things in song at times. At least not out loud. ๐Ÿ˜†

  3. Forget “Sex and the City.” You’ve given me a much realer version of a strong and powerful woman working her way through NYC.

    And as for the music, I had to roll out spotify so I, too, could thrash to Anthrax as I go about my business. There’s something about the drum roll that sets these fingers typin’. YES!

    • Thanks, Lainie! It feels more like Blundering in the City at times, but I’ll take it! ๐Ÿ˜ And yes, that Anthrax opening drumroll can certainly inspire some movement.

      • I’m guessing it will go pretty well with deadlifts in the garage. Head down, eyes forward…

  4. “Alexa, play anthrax”
    This slice was incredible. I was so engaged, and felt like I was in the city with you. Now I’ve got Anthrax playing, and I’m ready to do some more writing. . . ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I want to know how the rest of the day thugs out! I love how you captured the interactions and the back and forth spirit of the Starbucks scene! It’s Friday, and you can do anything!

    On a different note, so fun to meet you last night!

    • HAH! The day ended with me still so in the zone, I cooked baked ziti. On a Friday. Simply because I could. [ For the record I. Do. No. Cook. On. Fridays.]

      And ditto on meeting you!

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