On The Fly

Since I got the tiny little travel bug (think Mothra), I try to wake up somewhere that is not New York City on my birthday. This is the time of year I start thinking what am I going to do and where am I going to go. It could be a Bed and Breakfast in New England, a villa in Italy, a casa in Cuba, on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, a hotel in New Orleans. As I said, anywhere but in my apartment. Sometimes depending on where else I might have gone that year, I may not have a choice -aka the money- except be home, such as the year I did Dubai in January and Cuba in July. There was nothing left to disappear come September, yet worth it for those two experiences. Also note, my best friend and I share the same birthday, one year apart, so she’s with me for much of this. Then Covid struck and the choice of do I stay or do I go (I know some of you sang that), was taken from all of us

By September 2020 local restaurants that had open air seating had become a thing, so at least Bestie and I were able to celebrate out of the apartment with another fiend – er – friend. However, by September 2021, I had not been on a out of the City in a year, or on a plane even longer and it showed. I was not risking international, yet so we compromised with a quick jaunt to Las Vegas for a few days. It was just what the doctor and the wanderlust within me ordered. But that was then….

I would fully blame this on having just renewed my Global Entry, but it’s also March. Specifically, it’s past March 19th, it is halfway to my birthday. My passport has not received a new stamp in three years. It’s NOT happy and that travel Mothra is pounding on my door HARD.

I have friends who have begun travelling internationally again, including a known hypochondriac, and following all the protocols, they have been fine. I do have a trip to London, planned for summer 2023, and maybe Japan, oh, but what to do for this year?

  • Local? – as in the on the East Coast.
  • Not so local? – as in the Mid or West Coast.
  • Perhaps international? – as in I still have three continents to conquer.

Decisions… Decisions…Decisions…

Anybody up for a visit from a Raivenne?

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10 thoughts on “On The Fly

  1. You don’t want to have an unhappy passport. It will never let you hear the end of it. My only international traveling has been to Australia and Africa. I highly recommend both.

    • Thanks. Australia and Africa are two of the three I’m missing, with Asia as third. I would have had at least one of this ticked if Covid hadn’t happened.

  2. I hear you – that travel bug is BAD for me as well….hopefully in April…or May….it’s been a long hard 2 years…

  3. I enjoy the questions you pose at the end. And how you measure your comfort based on the experience of others, as in, “if they are traveling…” as well as the emotional well-being of your passport!

  4. Knowing your Global Passport renewal story, this entry took on even more significance. I’ve traveled to Asia several times and would highly recommend. But I’m also planning a trip to Montreal and Quebec City this summer. I hope we can tag along on one of your trips sometime.

    • Thanks Jaclynfre. I have friends in Toronto that I have not seen since before Covid. That’s also a possibility and puts a stamp on my passport to shut it up. 😀

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