1000 Pennies for My Thoughts

So before posting yesterday’s slice I noticed something:

999 published posts

WHOA! I never really paid attention to my post count. The nineteen items that perpetually reside in my Draft folder, seemingly for all eternity, is one thing. Being aware of how many birds left the nest – I had no idea. I was completely taken aback to realize I’ve done this.

Twelve years ago, just last month(!), I decided to start sharing my one pence with the world and hoped no one wanted back change. It was a little bit daunting to contemplate that I was one click away a from such a milestone. One click away from sharing the one thousandth of my thoughts, poems and general wiseassery on WordPress. And while the mile marker slice I posted yesterday was not anything profound, it was very representative of me.

Can’t really ask for much more than that from a personal blog post.

So I clicked “Publish

๐Ÿพ๐Ÿฅ‚ Twelve years and one thousand posts down and I still feel like I’m only just getting started….

Day 14 of 31 – Let’s see how others are slicing out achievements today…

15th Annual Slice of Life Writing Challenge

15th Annual Slice of Life Writing Challenge
Two Writing Teachers

13 thoughts on “1000 Pennies for My Thoughts

  1. Congratulations. What an accomplishment! I think I will go out and cut myself a piece of cake to celebrate your milestone post. Here’s to 1,000 more.

  2. It is your unique voice and “wiseassery” which brings me back each day. I love your style, your use of humour. Twelve years. Twelve years and you’re just getting started? You’ve been writing your blog for twelve years – wow. Regardless of the number of posts (which is impressive in itself), you have stayed and I’ll speculate that you sometimes wrote your heart out in this space. Congratulations and thank you for showing me how to write with an authentic voice. As a teacher of writing, this matters a LOT to me for my students.

    • Thank you Melanie. I cannot begin to tell you what plans I had when I started this, I had none. I can’t tell what plans I have going forward. I have none. And yes I have poured my heart out in the space, but I one promise I made to myself was that I felt strongly enough about it then to click “Publish” I would not take it back later. We’re all along for the ride

  3. Well. I, for one, am grateful for every. Darn. Penny. And I’m grateful for the beauty and joy you put into this world, and I’m grateful that this writing community has connected me to you. Keep on writing, ’cause I’ll keep on reading!

  4. One thousand is a really big number, and I’m just finding your blog today? Better late than never. Congratulations. I’m at one fourth of your total and can’t quite imagine getting to 1000.

    • I am both impressed and chagrined. Chagrined because “life happened” and I skipped a lost of posting. Then covid happened and it didn’t help. I think I would have hit this milestone at least two years ago had I not been so sporadic. then. Impressed because like you, when I started this I couldn’t quite image 500 and that one slipped by completely unnoticed. Just write, keep writing, you’ll get there. Welcome to my insanity and thanks.

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