My Human Nature Deja Vu All Over Again

*🎼 excuse me while I take a momentary interlude to hum a few notes from the chorus of Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature” 🎶*

Oh, okay I’m back. The moment I thought of the title for today’s slice the music moment happened in my mind. I imagine quite a few of you familiar with the song, had a similar musical Pavlovian response reading, but I digress.

I remembered it is Tuesday and I need to post today as I have not done a slice in a couple of weeks. At the beginning of the year I did say my One Little Word is Persistence. I did promise myself I would persist in being more regular in my blogging. Human nature that while my regular posting is not where I want to be, yet accept it is better than it was.

Only now as I started typing today did it hit me that today is also March 1st aka the first day of the Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge. How lovely and fitting it is that this year, the 15th Anniversary of Slice of Life Story Challenge starts on a Tuesday! I’ve been a participant for over half its existence. Oh boy!

Make that an infrequent participant. One where I’ve missed a year or two, but most often do not complete a full month. Like last year where I fell asleep and missed completion by ONE DAY. Oh hell!

Now here am I – I, who has been letting Life! Liberty! and persistent pursuit of simply Living! has trouble remembering to post once a week, has once again signed up with a promise to post every single day for the next 31 days. How’s that for self-gluttony for self-punishment? Yet I cannot help/resist enjoying the challenge each year.

I will dub this the Pursuit of Persistence 2022.

See ya tomorrow.

Come see how the rest of us are sharing slices of our lives!

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8 thoughts on “My Human Nature Deja Vu All Over Again

  1. Glad you are back for the challenge. I always look forward to your words of wisdom and your take on life. This is my 9th year participating. I missed completion one year because doctors decided I needed a triple bypass. They could do this in February or April? Happy slicing.

    • We repeat offenders of the slice would not have it any other way. Looking forward to see what new trouble those cats and Kathy pull you out of this month! 😀Day 1 of 31 – engage!

  2. First of all. That song is now in my head, and I’m not sure if thanks are in order…

    So. The pursuit of persistence. Well, you’ve been persisting at living your own darn full life, right? I’m guessing that’s a thing, even if it’s taken a turn around the corner from your intention, perhaps. Here’s to the next 31 days of joy and gluttony for punishment!

  3. Thank heavens you are ready to share your brilliant writing and I cannot wait to read more! Your skill at integrating so many ideas into a paragraph inspire me. I lingered here thinking about all that is implied: “Now here am I – I, who has been letting Life! Liberty! and persistent pursuit of simply Living!”

    Here’s to the joy of reading your posts!

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