The Sinner’s Prayer

He pleas to the Great Yonder

Help me now

The path was wrong to travel I know
The seeds of which he did sow
A darkness harvested to seep
In full regret of the fruit he reaps

I’ll take you there is heard…

It is too much

He vales to his knees to ponder

If the means will be forgiven to cope
With a prayer, he does dare hope
That he will not be left to wail and wallow
He closes his eyes in faith and follows


I’ll take you there is heard…

It is too little

He opens his eyes in wonder

The core of his soul is shaken
To learn he was mistaken
He aimed his pleas to a gate higher
But is led to a lower pit of fire

He knows the ‘there’ he deserves is the one he’ll see.

Oh! Oh! Mercy!

It is too late

painting of a path. One end leads to the gates of heaven - the other end to a pit in hell.

Written for Thursday Inspiration #142 I’ll Take You There
I was inspired by this image…

Image of a man on his knees in prayer with the quote "The sinner's prayer was a desperate plea for mercy"

The italicized lines above are from the song “I’ll Take You There” by The Staple Singers.

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