In Their Time

In their time there were so many faces
Some good fortunes, some catastrophes
It was almost premonition how one easily traces
Through their times of peace and tragedies

In their time there were so many places
Where they ran hard or walked silently
And sometimes a risk in losing the graces
For those breaking laws and compliancy

In their time there were so many cases
Created by those failing in human glory
But now all scanned and contained in spaces
For retired police officers and the stories

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The Sunday Whirl | Wordle 501

Risk, Contain, Catastrophe, Silently, Places,
Premonition, Cases, Created, Scan, Peace,
Traces, Stories

Use at least ten of the words in a poem or short story.

3 thoughts on “In Their Time

  1. The depth and the history here. It’s palpable. The way you bring in repetition and rhythm here – there’s a march to it, a slow walk forward – just like the many places, faces, cases. And there’s a song with those words that’s sitting just outside of my memory. It’s right there at the edge of my brain…

    • You’re thinking of “Mad World.” Most know the moody cover by from the movie “Donnie Darko.” I remember the original song by Tears for Fears.

      “All around me are familiar faces
      Worn out places, worn out faces
      Bright and early for the daily races
      Going nowhere, going nowhere”

      The question hit me the same way as you as I was writing. Once it came to me both versions became earworms for a few hours.

      As someone nearing the age for retirement I imagine for the police officers it is a slow march forward that somehow feels like a constant race against time while working.

      Thanks as always for your great comments!

      • YES. Thank you – that was driving me bananas. As for the police officers, I can imagine it’s similar for many of us who work in systems that we know need fixing. Sometimes it feels like we’re just in a crowd that keeps pushing us forward, pushing us along. Our feet barely need to graze the ground but still the motion carries us along. It’s everything we can do to nudge to the side, to pull others in a different direction. Hmm. I’m going to have to think about this a whole lot longer.

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