This Time Together…

I spent most of this day wondering how I would close this month out. March has, as it does each year, dragged and flew. At the beginning of the month I knew I would make it to the end. Granted, I also knew there would be some very late night close encounters, which there were. And 2021 will forever hold the asterisk for when I published yet fell asleep before I could post as hubris, but I did it.

Most of all WE made it!

Whether you made all the way through all the slices, or missed a slice or two, or more, as always…

🎵 I’m so glad we had this time together… 🎶

* tugs on ear * [Some of you will get this]

We have survived an entire year of Life in the Times of Covid! It has not been an easy year for any of us. But with the vaccinations happening slowly but surely we can finally see the better days coming ahead. I imagine next year’s challenges will be sprinkled with the things we get to do again compared to now and it will be great.

Being that today is Tuesday, it seems fitting as we know return to our usual Tuesday slices.

It’s Day 31 of the 2021 Slice of Life Writing Challenge. And then there were none.

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5 thoughts on “This Time Together…

  1. OK. I’m going to confess. I saw the title of your blog post in my reader view, and the Carol Burnett theme started ringing through my head. Come to open your post and…well now. Lookie there. Great minds DO think alike. And now that you say it, yes. I *am* looking forward to the looking-back posts of next year in the hopes that we’ll be standing in a freer, stronger, healthier space.

  2. I am glad someone identified that lyric as from Carol Burnett for I am much too young to remember The Carol Burnett Show. 🙂 I have enjoyed reading your posts mostly in the mornings because of my 10:30 bed time. Old age. I enjoy your humor. Thank you for the comments you left on my posts.

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