A Quiet Morning

I wake up to a nice quiet morning. Well “quiet” is relative given I live in New York City and it’s a weekday morning, but you know what I mean. I say quiet because in the past couple of years there are three multi-unit dwellings are in some process of construction within a block’s radius of my building. A three blocks away, people have begun to move into a new building that must house at least 50 apartments units. Another mixed-use construct rises across the street from it promising even more housing units, plus ground floor commercial space from the size of it.

Because Covid delayed much of for months, once they were allowed back it was with a vengeance. The usual 7am – 3pm became 5pm and later depending on where they are in the process. While clearly loud it was never so egregious to disturb any of the virtual training classes I hold remotely as I work from home. Suffice it to say, these days, any morning I wake up and am not immediately inundated with a wall of construction sound that has but become a form of white noise to my day is noteworthy.

So I enjoyed this moment of Zen. I rose, showered, dressed, made a light breakfast and sat at my desk prepared to work. Still quiet. Excellent. At 9:30am I begin my usual what I call “pre-boarding check” before each session to ensure I have everything I need at the ready. My screens display the correct information. I do not have spinach in my teeth etc.

9:45am I open the virtual training session in case there are early birds and sure enough at 9:50 someone logs in. I chat with the student as others sign in and at 10:00am on the dot all are ready to begin and…


“What? On? Mother? Earth‽ Was‽ THAT‽ ‽ “

[Oh, my natural tendency to cuss like Martin Freeman (it’s safe for work I promise), becomes amazingly rated G when the audio is on for training. My students, all adults, don’t necessarily have that restriction and give a Samuel L. Jackson character a run for the F-bombs that I hear dropped in reaction.]

Oh, did I forget to mention the public school right behind my building? The public school that is closed as its denizens learn remotely? The closed public school which is surrounded by scaffolding and netting? The closed public school which is surrounded by scaffolding and netting that now is in the first stages of refacing its brick façade? The LOUD first stage where they break off chunks of bricks and dump it down a plastic and metal chained chute to land in a huge commercial dumpster oh so conveniently located right outside my [please stand by while I insert Martin Freeman’s imagined, albeit still impressive, string of foul verbiage here] window? Yeah, apparently that is going to be a thing in my life for a while; at least while they work on this side of the building. Grrr!

It could be just my over-active imagination, but I do declare all of the constructions workers had a pow-wow this morning when it was quiet. It must have ended just before 10am because every room in my flat has construction noise seeping or thundering in from outside.

The quiet morning is done.

And then was one.

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10 thoughts on “A Quiet Morning

  1. NYC has to live up to its image as the city that never sleeps and has constant construction. I am always amazed by all of the scaffolding I see every time we visit. It has been over a year and I miss the city, noise and all. (Says one who doesn’t live there and has to put up with it daily.)

    • Hah! I barely notice fire trucks anymore when I’m in the flat, I’m so used to it. Except for the construction shenanigans, as I said the normal sounds become white noise.

  2. I love quiet and I was very upset when you finally revealed the construction noise. You did a great job of leading us to this moment. I could envision the school in all of its construction adornment. Hope you have noise cancelling headphones!

    • Thanks. Sadly, I do not have noise cancelling headphones. It would not have helped as the noise came through my mic. I had to switch rooms to a more tolerable level of cacophony for training, 😀

  3. Ohhh, the quiet was wonderful while it lasted, I suppose. I’d also have to say that your “Oh, did I forget to mention” paragraph – it’s so masterfully built. I love the way you added sentence upon sentence with that repetition. It speaks to me of your humor and voice. Here’s hoping the noise won’t be your neighbor for TOO much longer.

  4. This made me laugh. I was reading a calming slice and suddenly it got really loud! Like teaching from home isn’t hard enough! Hopefully they work quickly.

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