10 comments on “A Quiet Morning

  1. I grew up swearing, so this slice made me laugh. Sorry for the cause of the tirade, but you captured it well in this slice. From zen to @#$&!! Wishing you peace and quiet soon.

    • Thanks for the wishes, from your lips, as they say. Right now I’m being serenaded by hydraulics as one dumpster is move out for another to come it.

  2. NYC has to live up to its image as the city that never sleeps and has constant construction. I am always amazed by all of the scaffolding I see every time we visit. It has been over a year and I miss the city, noise and all. (Says one who doesn’t live there and has to put up with it daily.)

    • Hah! I barely notice fire trucks anymore when I’m in the flat, I’m so used to it. Except for the construction shenanigans, as I said the normal sounds become white noise.

  3. I love quiet and I was very upset when you finally revealed the construction noise. You did a great job of leading us to this moment. I could envision the school in all of its construction adornment. Hope you have noise cancelling headphones!

    • Thanks. Sadly, I do not have noise cancelling headphones. It would not have helped as the noise came through my mic. I had to switch rooms to a more tolerable level of cacophony for training, 😀

  4. Ohhh, the quiet was wonderful while it lasted, I suppose. I’d also have to say that your “Oh, did I forget to mention” paragraph – it’s so masterfully built. I love the way you added sentence upon sentence with that repetition. It speaks to me of your humor and voice. Here’s hoping the noise won’t be your neighbor for TOO much longer.

  5. This made me laugh. I was reading a calming slice and suddenly it got really loud! Like teaching from home isn’t hard enough! Hopefully they work quickly.

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