The ABCs of Me

A fellow slicer posted this on his timeline and I liked it so here I am…

Age – 56
Broadway, last show seenCyrano with James McAvoy (technically a London: National Theatre Live (London’s Broadway) production, but seen at a theater in the Theatre District. Last live show : Oddly enough Cyrano the Musical with Peter Dinklage.
Cats – 0
Dogs – 0 now, but have had 4 during my lifetime thus far.
Essential start of your day – Waking up first (can’t really do mustt until then right?), then COFFEE.
Favorite color – Paint it Black
Grossest thing you’ve eaten – Chitlins (Southern heritage – stop eating it the when my mother fully understood I really would rather starve and take a spanking every day for a week than let that grossness cross my lips again. I was a stubborn child.)
Height – 5’8”
Instruments you played – Flute in middle school. (Can’t remember finger position of a single note now.)
Job title– Professional P.I.T.A. (Pain in… My facebook page states Devil’s Advocate – you choose,)
Kids – 2 (3 if you include still raising myself.)
Longest relationship – 40+ years of hilarity with my highschool best friend.
Most favorite Movie – Too many to pick just one, but I’ll say Die Hard 1 & 3 tie because they are both guilty pleasures I will watch whenever it’s on.
Night owl? – Hoot yes !
Overnight Hospital Stay – Three days each for the honor to be called Mommie.
Pet Peeve – Pets in restaurants. (That Chiuaua in your purse may indeed be your support animal, but I don’t support its rapping while I’m dining.)
Quiet time activity – Reading/Writing
Right or Left handed – Right
Siblings– 0 What? My parents realized what trouble was on their hands with me, they were afraid the next might be worse.
Top 5 Desserts – Key Lime Pie made with real key limes, Tres Leches Cake, Chocolate Lava Cake, Hot Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream, Girl Scouts Thin Mints Cookies.
University – HKU (Hard Knocks University)
Vacation – Previous one – Cuba. Next one – London. (Fingers crossed for September.)
Worship – No. (Though some have had the honor of worshipping me.)
X box – No (There’s a dirty joke in there, but I shall refrain.)
Yard – only if it involves the NFL, beer or New Scotland…
Zodiac Sign – Virgo sun, Libra rising.


Day 27 and mere minutes away from Day 28 of the Slice of Life Writing Challenge for 2020.

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