4 comments on “Eat-sentially…

  1. There are so many unsung heroes out there fulfilling the needs of essential workers. Everyone has to make choices based on what they feel is right for themselves, their employees, and their patrons. It is hard not to have the choices that just a couple of weeks ago were so common.

  2. I’m glad you found your coffee! I ventured out today, too. Mostly I just wanted to take a walk, but I also went to the grocery store and then to buy some wine (at last!). It was lovely to be out after almost a full week indoors, but it was also weird. My neighborhood is such a full and busy one, and it was so empty today. I’m glad people are socially-distancing themselves … but I miss them!

    • At first I was thinking that I might have to bring my own coffee in. Now that I know the restaurant is open I will support them as they are supporting us. But yes, that ghost town feel in usually teeming streets of downtown Brooklyn is disconcerting.

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