Lost & Found

Yesterday afternoon, Calliope and Erato went missing.

I was on the main floor about to leave my office building when I realized the two were gone. My right- and left-hand girls were not there! That initial wave of panic set in at the discovery. I blinked looking around stupidly. Of course, they would not be right in front of me, dammit! The girls wouldn’t be lost anymore if they were!

Calliope is a prankster. This will be the second time she’s pulled a disappearing act on me. The first time was bad enough. I thought I was more vigilant, but this time she’s taken her sister with her as well.

Okay Raivenne, breathe, you know the drill.

Step one: retrace my steps. I immediately do an about face, head for the lifts and back to my office. I search the ladies room. They are big girls. Noise would have been made had I dropped them off them there, I innately know this, but still I look. Obviously, I am not surprised to see they are not there. I look to the carpeted floor knowing it for the fruitless labor it will be. Had the girls been seen alone someone would have told me. Pretty much everyone knows those are my girls or knows someone who does know they are mine.

I make my way back to my desk and my work-wife sees my face.

“Calliope and Erato are gone.” I say the words before she can even ask what’s wrong?, all the while hoping beyond hope that by saying them out loud I have not given them veracity.

Calliope has been with me for five over years, Erato has been mine for nearly a year and a half. The two have been near inseparable since Erato joined the family. They have been to Canada, Cuba, Dubai and even Antarctica with me. She understands how I feel.

“Have you dumped y…” She stops speaking seeing I have already begun to do just that as I methodically empty my purse of its contents. I check my trouser pockets, I check my coat pockets. The girls are not there. I know I did not drop them, they are heavy and make noise. Erato once slipped from my finger and I still heard her amidst the din of a crowded street in Manhattan.

“They are gone.” I say forlornly.

She looks at me knowingly, but not having the attachment I do, gives me clarity.

They are not gone, stop looking for the girls and they will appear.

I take a deep breath, put everything back in my bag and head for home.

Because I am the person who occasionally puts things down but does not always remember to pick them back up; especially when in a state. I am patting myself down to make sure I have my metro card and especially my house keys before I get on the subway. As I pat myself down I feel two familiar lumps under my wool coat.


Yes, I checked my purse. Yes, I checked my trousers. Yes, I checked my coat. What I did not check were the pockets of the jacket I wore under my coat.

THAT’S where you two miscreants went!

What? It was completely their fault! No one told them to wind up in the wrong pockets when I took them off as I went to the loo because they love to trap water.

Relieved, I put the girls back on my fingers where they belong, happily text my work-wife of their recovery and finally head home.

Calliope and Erato

Yes, I named my raven head rings Calliope (pink eyes) and Erato (purple eyes) after two muses of poetry from Greek mythology.  Calliope is the muse of epic poetry and Erato is the muse of – well, you can guess what kind given her name.

It is Day 13 of the March Slice of Life Writing Challenge . Stop in and see how others are slicing it up this Paraskevidekatria!

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12 thoughts on “Lost & Found

  1. So glad you found the girls. How dare they pull a prank like that after a hard day of work. I am sure you gave them a piece of your mind although it was done lovingly and with relief. Happy to know that I am not the only one who names things.

  2. I really like this, Ravienne! How lovely to mix in facts and frivolity. I enjoyed the initial intrigue and how you allowed it to unfold. It was cleverly written and most enjoyable! I am definitely among those who can put things down and quickly forget about them. Thank you for sharing this with us. It is quite delightful!

      • I just read your slive – and I loved it! But I didn’t see where I could comment! It was fun and festive and so for real. I identified with several parts – especially the one about hating to iron. Me, tpp!!!

        I love that each concept started with a present progressive verb. It reminded me to connect it repeatedly to the initial introductory title.

        This was so tastefully done. Thank you for taking us on your arc of emotions and perspectives. This was most enlightening! Will have to try it in the future!


        ~Carla Michelle

      • I’m sorry you could not comment on the post properly. It was truly a WordPress glitch as others were able to leave their comments. We tend speak of our own selves in past and future tense of often, but not as much in the here and now of the moment. The use of the present progressive and that connection to Right Now is what drew me to the form. Thank you so much for going the extra mile to comment, Carla, it is very appreciated.

      • Raivenne, it is such a pleasure to read your work! I am enjoying learning from the writing of others – and I’m looking forward to trying some of these new ideas. Thank YOU so much for sharing!

  3. I was filled with anxiety during your slice…I wasn’t sure who or what your girls were. Were they kids? No. Cats? No. Insects? No. I was completely lost until the end. Way to keep us in suspense! Glad you found them!

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