4 comments on “Listen, We Don’t Do That

  1. Cartoons introduces us to so much classical music. Of course, we, at least I, didn’t know it was classical at the time. Music is a universal language. There is a type to fit any mood we are in or any situation in which we find ourselves. It is not age, gender, ethnicity specific. If you like it and it makes you feel good, listen to it.

  2. This is awesomeness in ways that I cannot even begin to explain in a comment box! The unexpected and wrestling with music and identity is everywhere in this writing; there is strength of conviction and concession to the individual. This line was my favourite: “He walked up to me and yelled “You’re Black!” Because the cosmos indeed has a delicious sense of humor, his timing was perfect with the song that was playing, and I paraphrased the incoming chorus as I shrugged and sang “Where I play my songs is home!””
    This concept of home, of our identity has been central in my discussions with Black students at my high school. You’ve just given me inspiration for a lesson plan; the songs that make us feel at home (an annotated playlist).
    Thank you for sharing this lovely slice!

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