18 comments on “It Was A Pleasure

  1. I like how you took those first lines and used the rhyming couplet form throughout. What a way to portray the danger of the written word and the deception that can lie therein. There is so much bitterness and passion in the speaker that at the end i was wondering if it was the written lies being burned or the speaker or the teller of those lies. Nicely done!

  2. Beautifully done! I love the lines:
    ‘Bestrewn with lines of levity, held down weighty prose
    Each character a delight, each jot and tittle filled with those’
    ‘The parchments of paragraphs penned are gathered
    Those once sweet sentences now kerosene slathered’.

    • Thanks Björn. I knew I wanted to close with Bradbury’s line I had no idea on how I wanted to begin it until I saw Nabokov’s opener. Then it all fell into place.

  3. Love poems would be just bland nonsense if there were not the possibility for a powerful break-up poem. Sort of wonderfully scary. Channeling the terrifying Hedda Gabler a wee bit, but with the compressed nihilism replaced by cool empowerment. The rhythm carries me through. Very cool.

    • Thanks for today’s *something new learned*, Lona Gynt. I had not heard of “Hedda Gabler” and had to Wiki it to get the reference. It is very fitting to the titular character. Your comment is a spot on assessment of my words – Thank you.

  4. Oh my….these two lines, so powerful by themselves. Made all the more so by the story given in between. An excellent write, (just catching up on reading!)

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