7 comments on “Only For A Moment

  1. Sometimes my best thoughts come from my dreams. That is why I sleep with a pad of paper next to my bed!

  2. Ha ha. Daylight savings always gets me, too. Now you have me intrigued about the story you just had to capture before you went to bed. Will we get to see it as a slice later in the month?

  3. Your post made me chuckle! I woke up this morning and glanced at my radio clock – 5, oh good, I can sleep a bit more. Only to be surprised 30 minutes later when my phone went off at 6:30. I need to reset the radio clock. Doggone daylight savings!

  4. I am all for doing away with these time changes and just keeping one. I don’t think it serves the function it once did. Don’t the infamous “they” say a moment can last a lifetime?

  5. I know how you feel when you just want to get the inspiration down on the page! Good or you for getting to it before the “muse” left.

    The ending made me laugh! Thanks for the slice.

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