3 comments on “A Wrinkle

  1. I like how you balanced the beauty of the movie with the true meaning of the book. It’s always hard to watch a screen adaptation of a wonderful text, but you found the bright side!

  2. I too have grumbled about disappointing film adaptations but recognize that the medium is very different. Sometimes too true to book means telescoping too much and can render the film unintelligible to viewers who have not read the book.

    Casting and costuming sound wonderful — that’s where film rules. I look forward to seeing the movie. Thanks for the review.

  3. Funny. My friends and I debated this very topic earlier today on a run. We mostly agreed that viewing a favorite book in movie format often a disappointing experience; however, my friend, Shelly, shared an exception, The Constant Gardener. She said the book and movie were equally wonderful and worth reading and watching independent of each other.

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