Wake Up, Shake Up

My eyes opened on the alarm clock blinking at me.

Huh? Blinking?  Crap!

Apparently the power had tripped some three plus hours ago. Luckily my circadian system still works and that’s what woke me. I glance at the burgeoning dawn outside my window, grab my cell phone and see I have roughly forty minutes to get it together and catch the bus.

You can do this, shake a tail feather, Raivenne!

Please note, I am not a morning At. All. So I am still not quite awake as I haul arse out of bed and head to the bathroom for my morning ablutions. I am under the shower when my brain starts to come online at last.


Why didn’t the alarms on my mobile wake me, even if the clock radio didn’t? 

Oh for fuck’s sake! It’s bloody Sunday!

Sigh – I’m wide awake now, in annoyance.

On the plus side – I’ve changed my sheets, completed the Sunday Whirl, posted the story that sprang from it, checked my emails and now have an easy slice to submit today.

Even better –  once I post this I’m off to brunch!


Today is Day 4 of the March Slice Of Life Story Challenge.
Come see how others are slicing it up today.
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7 thoughts on “Wake Up, Shake Up

  1. Enjoy brunch. You deserve it. This has happened to me as well on more than one occasion. I could kick myself when I realize what happened because there is no going back to sleep. Love the slice you got out of it.

  2. Although it probably wasn’t funny in the moment, it makes a pretty funny slice to read later! I like how you wrote it in present tense. It put me right in the middle of the action in this piece.

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