3 comments on “Knowing When To Press “Pause”

  1. enjoyed reading what you wrote – and feel I learned more about your experience as a writer. I sat pondering the “permanency of the internet” though – and in some cases I think the delete option can make it not so permanent… ya know?
    and then I am not sure that I personally agree with the adage that
    “the best way to learn to write is to read”
    – I know they go hand in hand – but I still think the best way to learn how to write is to write and write and write- but also edit
    but even diarrhea diaries allow for practice.
    I guess I was just thinking about this year – how we hone the writing craft just like other skills…
    a surgeon can read about surgery all he wants – but needs to actually do surgery to slice with finesse. Similarly, a musician might to listen to music and study sheets, but they play to hone their skill….
    Just thinking after reading your interesting words…..
    and some of what you wrote reminded me as to why we might stop chatting at a meal with some friends – it is not that we do not have stuff to say – we just pause to listen and to maybe have some breathing space…
    anyhow, I know for me that fasts and pauses are crucial 🙂
    in many life areas —
    and many help me organize my thoughts and recharge the batteries
    anyhow, enjoy your pause

    • Yes, the delete option removes things from public view, but once it is put out there, it may be possible to be found by those who have the talents and to do so.

      That’s why those type of sayings are called adages and not facts, adages hold elements of truth, but are not absolute for everyone. You get better at your craft through practice, that is a given – I will never contend that point. However – if you have not first read good and bad books, heard music played well or otherwise, and even if one does not agree – understand why Pollack’s “Autumn Rhythms No. 30” is considered art, but the drippings of the average painter is not – how would you know what makes it what it is? Unless one is doing something so avant garde there is no comparison – there should be exposure to other voices in your craft in order to know which is your own, pull it from the din and hone it.

      “fasts and pauses are crucial in many areas” Yes, Prior they are. Thank you for one of the most thoughtful comments I’ve received here.

      • oh well said and thanks for expanding my view – seriously – I see what you meant and agree.
        really well said….
        and thanks for being open to my comment – you wrote such a nice post.

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