Being Beat

Get 1 idea let it stew
Pinch a friend to go with you (fun but optional)
4 Advil in case there be need (to be optimal)
1 smart phone with camera as it’s the point indeed
Bring chargers plug and portable, one of each should do
Have funds because you’ll want to refuel yourself too
Pair of comfortable footwear for pounding the street
Dress casual, but together, never know who you’ll meet
Stroke of midnight start roving through your city.
Take pictures of things, the pretty, and the gritty.
Pick one and post it to your Instagram before the hour is done.
It’s the #24HourPorject – and you’ve completed hour one.

You now have the basics and know what to do. Repeat the last two steps for hour two. Continue these steps throughout the rest of the day.  Have mini breaks to refuel and eat or you will sway. Show the things you see in the city your roam, post the 24th shot on your way or at home. You’ll wake the next with 24 pictures posted so neat, and your body feeling successfully being beat.


24 Hour Project logo
Yesterday, I participated in the annual 24HourProject for the first time. The 24HourProject gathers street and documentary photographers from around the globe to share in photography of humanity in real time. Photographers share one photo per hour during twenty four hours.  Suffice to say this morning Advil is my friend because my body is beat.

National Poetry Writing Month (NoPoWriMo) 2017
National Poetry Writing Month 2017 – Day 2
Write a poem inspired by, or in the form of, a recipe!

A to Z Challenge 2017 - B logo
A to Z Challenge 2017 Day 2
B is for Being Beat

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